Artiva is involved in social projects as supplier of top-class events and partners of associations and clubs. The focus is on personal conviction and passion, sustainability and long-term cooperation. Partnerships are loved, they are a give and take and taken very seriously.

artiva event equipment supplier

artiva has been the official equipment supplier of the HAJ Hannover Marathon for 3 years. In addition, artiva 2015 will be the lending their name and is sponsoring the 10-kilometre run - the artiva 10K run - which will be held as part of the marathon for the first time. For the first time, the short distance athletes were able to enjoy their own finisher shirts. The Steelman also enjoys a steadily growing popularity. An obstacle cross-country run in Hanover, where artiva has also been producing the merchandising collection as official supplier for the last 2 years. The same applies to the 10 Freunde Team Triathlon, which took place in Frankfurt for the first time in 2015. In the past, artiva was also official supplier of the Mallorca Marathon and the Freiburg Marathon.

artiva club equipment

artiva is official supplier of volleyball clubs in the first and second league in Germany. These currently include the following teams: SC Potsdam, SVG Lüneburg, ProWin Volleys. In addition, artiva produces fan merchandise which is sold online via the artiva online shop. In the past, artiva supported the ladies of the Köpenicker SC with match and training gear.

artiva Welcome United 03

artiva has been a supporter of Welcome United 03 from the very beginning and equipped the players with shirts as part of the fan project of the Nordkurve Babelsberg. Furthermore, artiva also provides the players with training and leisure clothing in the "Welcome 03 look". With high-quality functional polo shirts and hoodies from artiva, players also have the chance to convey the welcome feeling beyond the sport.

artiva - brand of the referees

This is also a matter very close to the heart - sportswear for referees that combines functionality with design and meets the needs of referees. Unfortunately, the referees are forgotten when fighting for chic shirts with improved features. As Urs Meier's former referee and club mate, the joint development of the Urs Meier referee collection was an honour. The Urs Meier COLLECTION is the most extensive referee collection on the market. The use of high-quality functional materials, excellent workmanship and attention to detail make this collection something really special. Just like the referee collection for the volleyball referees of the 1st and 2nd Volleyball Bundesliga, which emerged from the partnership with the Volleyball Bundesliga.

artiva - social engagement

artiva is socially committed. Both at home and far away. Besides supporting Berlin institutions such as 'the Arche and Noah' and the "Laughin Hearts" association, artiva is also active in Africa. The young sports brand participates in the projects of Malaika e.V. and helps to protect Kenyan children and young people from life on the streets.