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100% customised - a combination of functionality and unique design

Custom designed running shirts are more than just a trend in running. They strengthen the sense of community amongst the runners and makes them as a team apparent to outsiders. Not only the organisers of corporate runs, like the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, offer prizes regularly for the best designed team shirt. The requirements and expectations for an individually designed running shirt are equally as high for company bosses, club members, running group participants and individual athletes. The artiva design team implements corporate and club CI, colours, logos and key visuals in attractive designs. In addition, artiva guarantees maximum functionality and the best quality to give runners the perfect running feeling and to inspire them to achieve their best performance.

At artiva you design the perfect running shirt for yourself, your club, your company or your running group together with the experienced design team. For maximum freedom of movement when running, you can choose between different cuts, sleeve lengths and collar designs when working with artiva.

artiva only uses breathable functional fabrics and offers air-permeable textile mesh to prevent the body from overheating or cooling down. Instead of conventional seams, special flat seams are used during production to prevent friction on the skin. Furthermore, collar seams are covered by woven neckbands. You can even personalise these neckbands if you wish. Further finishing techniques offered by artiva include hot embossed textiles, headphone outputs and reflector inserts. For maximum design freedom when designing your running shirt, we work with sublimation printing. The advantages of this premium printing process are manifold. In addition, a wide variety of materials can be printed in photo quality, whereby the print does not fade, even under high UV radiation and adverse weather conditions or after multiple washes. No binding agents and solvents are necessary. In this way, artiva lives up to its claim to be socially and ecologically responsible. We produce all of our customised products in Europe.